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SunlightDPD is a home for open source software related to the dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) simulation method.

Hypernetted chain (HNC) integral equation code

You are of course welcome to use and modify this code for your own projects. If you end up publishing results based on this code, or a derived version, please cite : If you have difficulty getting hold of this article, contact me and I will send a reprint. Alternatively, a preprint version can be found at arXiv:1303.0891

Here is a BibTeX entry for the same :

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History :

Simulation codes

MB-MPDyn is forked (with permission) from the original version - see CVS repository, whilst we sort out an initial file release.


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Copyright is retained by the individual authors.  Please feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss alternative licensing arrangements.


Integral equations : Andrey Vlasov, Lucian Anton, Andrew Masters, Patrick Warren.
MB-MPDyn : Wataru Shinoda (original code), Ard van Bergen (Novidec) for modifications.

Contact : patrick.warren{at} (sourceforge project admin)

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