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Hypernetted chain (HNC) integral equation code

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You are of course welcome to use and modify this code for your own projects. If you end up publishing results based on this code, or a derived version, please cite : If you have difficulty getting hold of this article, contact me and I will send a reprint. Alternatively, a preprint version can be found at arXiv:1303.0891

Here is a BibTeX entry for the same :

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History :

Simulation codes

MB-MPDyn is forked (with permission) from the original version - see CVS repository, whilst we sort out an initial file release.


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Integral equations : Andrey Vlasov, Lucian Anton, Andrew Masters, Patrick Warren.
MB-MPDyn : Wataru Shinoda (original code), Ard van Bergen (Novidec) for modifications.

Contact : patrick.warren{at} (sourceforge project admin)

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